GolfPricePrice with Cart
9 holes$15.00$25.00
18 holes$22.00$39.00
Punch Card (10 punch)*$130.00N/A
*One punch, plus $7 for 18 holes$7.00N/A
Senior/Young Adult$15.00$32.00
Junior$7.00$24.00</p> <p>

Golf Season PassPrice
Adult & Spouse$856.00
Senior (62 and above)$510.00
Junior (High School and Below)$128.00
Special Junior (tee off 1:00 pm-4:00 pm (Mon/Tue/Thur)$51.00
Family (includes all claimed on income tax)$970.00
Young Adult (age 18-23)$300.00
WSR High School Golf Team$50.00
Super Senior (age 72 and above) $300.00</p> <p>

Rental Carts – 9 holes (per seat)$10.00
Rental Carts – 18 holes (per seat)$17.00
Trail Fee for Private Cars (18 holes)$ 14.00
Cart Season Ticket$560.00
Golf Cart Trail (Yearly)$285.00
Golf Cart Punch Card (10 - 9 hole)$140.00</p> <p>

*Expiration date on punch cards of 2 years