Per CDC recommendations, we are not allowed to host any golf tournaments until at least May 9th. Unfortunately this means we are losing outings such as the 2 Cup Tournament, Spring Red Tee Open, and Dream Team. In such uncertain times, there is one thing that we do know. Golf is a terrific outdoor activity that can be done safely with the proper precautions. So let’s get to it!

In coordination with Wes & the Club, I am happy to introduce the first ever “WAGOCO Horse Race” which in 2020 will be coined the “Social Distancing Derby.” This event will be open to all Country Club members who have an established handicap. There are two stages to this event; qualification and the actual horse race itself. Qualification will take place at your convivence in the months of April and May, starting promptly on Wednesday, April 1st. The format for the event is 2 person best shot with the specification that teams combined handicaps must be equal to or greater than 10. Qualification is easy, prior to your round each teammate will pay the $10 qualification fee before playing a witnessed 18 holes of 2 person best shot and returning their card to the pro shop upon completion. Up to date leaderboards will be kept in the Country Club at all times. Those who are currently in the top 10 will not be permitted to qualify until their score is no longer on the leaderboard. If you are knocked off the leaderboard, you will not be permitted to qualify again with the same partner. Qualification attempts are unlimited for those whose name is not on the leaderboard. As of now, qualifying will commence on Sunday, May 31st provided that current gathering restrictions are lifted. If this is not the case, qualifying will be extended and the pot will continue to grow.

At the end of qualifying we will move on to the Horse Race more commonly referred to at WAGOCO as Sole Survivor. 10 two person teams will take the tee for nine holes of best shot until there is only one left! Tentative date for the horserace will be Sunday, June 7th at 4 PM. Again this date is subject to change due to CDC restrictions. Payouts will be determined based on participation but at least the top 3 “Horse Race” finishers will be in the money.

As quarantine begins to ware on you, get yourself to the golf course for a mental and physical escape. Oh and you might as well win some money in the process!

Good Luck,

Jordan & Wes